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The President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin handed over the Order of Courage to Ilyushin Test Pilot
On 27 of June the ceremony of citation state awards took place in the Kremlin. The President personally awarded more than thirty citizens of our country.

Dmitry Komarov, a Test Pilot of the PJSC “Ilyushin Aviation Complex“, was among them. Presenting the Order of Courage to Dmitry Alexandrovich Komarov, the President stressed: “In any business loyalty and vocation, commitment are important, but there are professions where courage and willingness to risk lives are required for the common goal“.

The President noted that Komarov had tested various modifications of the IL aircraft, repeatedly took the vehicles from complex emergency situations, helped to identify bottlenecks and thereby improve the reliability and efficiency of winged vehicles.

Dmitry Komarov graduated from the Kachin High Military Aviation School and flew on fighter jets for many years. After moving to work at “Ilyushin“, he tested a light IL-103, a short-haul passenger IL-114 and many other types of aircraft. According to Dmitry, every Ilyushin aircraft is like a child for him. And in his task is to raise the "nestling" on the wing.

“Our work is different from the work of civil and combat pilots, — said Dmitry Komarov. — If they can’t break certain boundaries and even approach them, our task is to determine these boundaries, to cross this edge and to find out what is beyond it“.

“With all the glory of this profession, it requires pedantry and responsibility, — Komarov noted. — You need to study a lot of special literature, make reports, do not miss the slightest detail. But at the same time we do not have to get bored, new and varied tasks always arise“.

Source: Public Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

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