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“Ilyushin’s” flight test center in Zhukovsky was given the name of Honored Test Pilot Vladimir Kokkinaki
The flight test center of the PJSC “Ilyushin Aviation Complex“ in Zhukovsky city given the name of twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Major-General of Aviation, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, Lenin Prize laureate Vladimir Kokkinaki, who was 114 years old on June 25. 

The corresponding order was signed by Vice-President of the Transport Aviation of the “UAC“, General Director of PJSC “Ilyushin Aviation Complex“ Alexey Rogozin within the framework of the meeting with the flight personnel. During it, Rogozin listened to the problematic issues, that arose in the flight crew, discussed with experts the initiative of further improvement of the work of the flight test center.

Also, Alexey Rogozin personally congratulated the Honored Test Pilot Dmitry Komarov on receiving the  Order of Courage and noted that this high award, received from the Russian President Vladimir Putin, shows not only high professional level of Ilyushin's pilots, but also shows their dedication and readiness to perform any tasks to strengthen the defense capability of Russia.

Vladimir Kokkinaki was the only test pilot who was twice awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for flight test work.

V. K. Kokkinaki was called into the Red Army in 1925. In 1928 he graduated from the Leningrad Military-Theoretical School of the Air Force, in 1930 – Borisoglebsk  Military Aviation School of Pilots. Served in combat units of the Air Force. Conducted state tests of I-16 and DI-4 fighters, participated in the state tests of the I-15 fighter.

From 1935 to 1964 – senior test pilot of the PJSC “Ilyushin Aviation Complex“. Conducted test flights of attack aircraft IL-2, IL-10, bombers DB-3, IL-4, IL-22, IL-28, IL-30, IL-46, IL-54, passenger aircraft IL-12, IL-14, IL-18, IL-62 and their modifications.

V. K. Kokkinaki performed the complete loop on a twin-engine TsKB-26 aircraft for the first time in Russia. In 1938, on plane TsKB-30 with navigator A.M. Bryandinsky made a non – stop flight from Moscow to the Russian Far East (Spassk-Dalniy Primorsky Territory) with a length of 7,580 km. On the plane TsKB-30 “Moscow” with navigator M.Kh. Gordienko made a non-stop flight Moscow – Novgorod – Helsinki – Trondheim – Iceland island – Cape Farvel (Greenland) – island Misako in the United States. The length of the route was 6,516 km.

During the Great Patriotic War Vladimir Kokkinaki combined the work of the test pilot, the chief of the Main Quality Inspection of the People's Commissar of the Aircraft Industry and the head of the flight test service of the aviation industry.

Source: Public Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

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