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CIAM researchers presented 13 reports at the Eighteenth International School-Seminar “Models and Methods of Aerodynamics”
On June 4-11, 2018, the specialists of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM, a subsidiary of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) took part in the Eighteenth International School-Seminar “Models and Methods of Aerodynamics” (Yevpatoria, Russia).

150 scientists presented more than 100 reports and poster presentations at the following thematic sessions: Boundary layers, stability, turbulence, Experimental facilities and measurement methods, Gas dynamics and others. 13 reports on this subject were presented by the CIAM researchers.

Kharis Valiev, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, made a report on the non-stationary discharge of ideal gas from a source to vacuum. New discharge characteristics have been found, and the existence of a point source in an ideal gas that was previously under the question has been proved. The work is supported by a grant from the Russian Foundation of Basic Research and is carried out within the frameworks of the development of tools for the theoretical study of gas-dynamic flows.

Valeria Belova told about the study of gas-dynamic laws of formation and distribution of supercritical synthetic jets, the use of which in air-intake and other channels of perspective aircraft engines is an increasingly timely solution to problems concerning gas-dynamic losses and flow stability.

Alexandr Krayko, professor and PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, compared the efficiency of air-jet engines with slow combustion process and engines with combustion in stationary and non-stationary detonation waves. In his work, which was carried out with the support of a RFBR grant, he studied the validity of the statement about the increase in the air-jet engine traction characteristics due to the use of the detonation combustion process.

Ruslan Ayupov spoke about non-uniformity of the temperature field in the approach flow, which can occur when a hot trail of another aircraft engine enters the air-intake unit. To correctly determine the safety level of aircraft operation, it is required to know the performance characteristics of its power plant components, including ones under conditions of a non-uniform approach flow in front of the air-intake unit. Vortex-resolving methods allow to obtain the necessary flow characteristics, such as velocity fluctuations, pressure and temperature.

CIAM takes a leading position in the considered industrial sector in the use of vortex-resolving approaches when developing and investigating complex turbulent flows in aircraft power plant units. Thus, using the vortex-resolving RANS/ILES method developed at the Institute, studies of flows in model air-intake units of high-speed aircraft have been performed to ensure the formation of ?ritical advanced technologies in this promising area. These studies allow to determine the flow nature and its structure, as well as turbulence parameters, which is very difficult to do in the course of the experiment. Dmitry Lyubimov, PhD in physical and mathematical sciences, presented the results of these studies in his report and noted the necessity to take the obtained data into account in the course of development and experimental study of advanced high-speed aircraft power plants.

For representatives of the scientific community it has already become a good tradition to meet with each other once a year at the International School. Studies on analytical methods and models of aerodynamics open a wide field for discussion, and the school-seminar format is very convenient for an active exchange of opinions, for analysis and evaluation of the presented reports.

Source: Central Institute of Aviation Motors .

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