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CIAM researchers awarded a IPCP RAS prize
A team of researchers of the P.I. Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM, a subsidiary of the National Research Center ‘Zhukovsky Institute’) was awarded a Prize of the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCP RAS).

Following the results of the 20th S. Baturin Prize Contest, the study ‘Numerical modeling of thermal de?omposition of hydrocarbon mixtures in aircraft cooling system channels’ by an author team consisting of P. Toktaliev, I. Galitsky, V. Volokhov, L. Yanovsky was awarded the second place prize.

The winners were chosen by secret ballot at a joint meeting of the Scientific Council and the Council of Young Specialists of IPCP RAS in early April 2018.

The study of the CIAM researchers is dedicated to one of the major challenges faced by developers of a high-speed aircraft – cooling its construction elements from thermal loads caused by high flight speed, as well as arising in combustion. An active cooling system could be a possible solution. The work analyzes characteristics of heat effects arising in the cooling system using multipropellant fuel on the base of study of a numerical model of thermal de?omposition of complex chemical mixtures in turbulent flow.

This is the second award received by CIAM researchers in this year: in March, the work ‘A study on the possibilities of developing a new generation of solid fuels for air-breathing engines of advanced aircraft’ by an author team consisting of: V. Raznoschikov, D. Lempert, I. Averkov, M. Alexeyeva and L. Yanovsky, was awarded the F. Dubovitsky Prize for outstanding fundamental research in the area of chemical physics on the basis of which new technical applications can be developed.

Source: Central Institute of Aviation Motors .

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