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First Modernised Transport IL-76MD-M Aircraft Transferred to the Russian Ministry of Defence
The first production IL-76MD-M heavy transport aircraft was handed over to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation after a series of acceptance and hand-over checks. Currently, the aircraft is located at a military and transport aviation base of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In August 2013, the Russian Ministry of Defence concluded a government contract with PJSC “IL“ for a comprehensive modernisation of heavy military and transport IL-76MD and IL-78M refuelling aircraft. The goal of the modernisation is to extend the service life of the combatant aircraft, equip them with state-of-the-art navigation and communication means, as well as to replace the equipment which is no longer in production.

“The modernisation of combatant IL-76MDs of the military transport aviation into IL-76MD0M was carried out by order of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The modernisation means equipping with up-to-date flight radio electronic equipment. The aircraft will have a new flight and navigation unit which meets all the flight requirements and rules on both Russian and foreign air routes“, stated the UAC vice-president for transport aviation and PJSC “IL“ general director Alexey Rogozin.

Besides, lighting, airdropping and landing, and utility-type equipment, as well as defensive and communication means, were also replaced. Electrooptical sighting system, which allows observation of the airdrop spots and operates both in infra-red and optical bands, is being installed. During the modernisation, they partly used the components interchangeable with advanced IL-76MD-90A military transport aircraft and IL-78M-90A refueller, production of which is situated in Ulyanovsk. In the course of the modernisation, D-30KP engines were modified for the purpose of their life extension. Thus, the aircraft service time was extended by 15 years.

The first flight of an experimental IL-76MD-M was performed in February 2016. The modernisation of the military transport aviation park will continue as part of the recently approved State Armaments Programme.

Source: Public Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex .

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