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A sequent accessory for the liner of the future, MS-21, is made in the JSC "Aviastar-SP"
The stabilizer block is almost entirely composed out of composite materials — the proportion of carbon fiber in it is almost 90%. The use of such materials provides significant weight reduction in comparison with the lookalike metal airfoil. 

The MS-21 project is one of the prioritized ones in "Aviastar-SP", despite the fact that the company is actively working on other applications: passenger aircrafts Tu-204 and heavy military carriers Il-76MD-90A.

- Operations schedule in the division, assembling MC-21 units, is very tight, — says Deputy Managing Director of the JSC "Aviastar-SP" and the director of the MS-21 project Vitaliy Ignatiev — Currently, sections 3 – 5 and the afterbody section for the third aircraft kit are going through the assembly process. In parallel, all the 11 doors of the third plane are being produced. Assembling of the tail group will begin in August.

 MS-21 is an advanced passenger plane with seat capacity from 150 to 211 passengers. In the framework of the MS-21 program, "Aviastar-SP" produces body panel kits on fuselage sections 1 5, the afterbody section, all the doors (11 doors per airplane) and the tail group (tail fin and stabilizer block including horizontal and vertical rudders). Also, the aircraft factory experts fabricate titanium and aluminum parts, necessary for the wing assembly, that are delivered to the CJSC "AeroComposite".

 The MS-21 aircraft is characterized by high aerodynamic efficiency, achieved primarily at the expense of longer wings, made of polymer composite materials.

One of the other key design solutions of the MS-21 project is larger fuselage diameter with the possibility of the cabin rearrangement for different air carrier types. The aircraft has the widest fuselage in its class that not only enables increased comfort, but also decreased time of passenger loading and unloading.

During implementation of the MS-21 program, technical upgrading of the main program participants was conducted. Fundamentally new technologies of final assembly and polymer-composite aggregates creation were mastered. So, a specialized workshop for the assembly of the MS-21 components, equipped with modern aggregate production line, was organized in the JSC "Aviastar-SP". The main advantages of the production line are maximum losses reduction and shortening of all the components assembly lead times for the MC-21 aircraft.

Source: "Aviastar-SP".

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