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RTCA DO-360 is released!
Over a span of one and a half years the specialists of JSC “IANS Concern”, in the framework of the ad hoc expert group on the vortex safety RTCA “Tiger Team“, developed a recommendation standard, which will be the starting point in the development both standardization and designing of systems that use near real-time aircraft-derived data.

Since the committee establishment and up to the last days of its work the representatives of the Tiger team had severe disputes and debates discussing the each other’s inputs on the issues of wake vortex security, weather data transmission, ADS-B and ATC. Such controversy predetermined the importance of the document’s content and showed the interest and understanding of the international community for the need to continue wake vortex safety and other issues designated by the committee resolution on the highest level.

At this stage the specialists of JSC “IANS Concern” work to adapt the document for Russian specialists. Also taking into account the developed recommendations of the DO-360 we have already began the preparation for further wake vortex safety and related topics standards development.

To review and purchase the document, please, follow the link to the official RTCA web page

Source: JSC “IANS Concern”.

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