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KRET develops the electronic “stuff” for drones
According to Mikheev, advisor to the First Deputy CEO of KRET, in the near future, domestic drones will go into service in the Russian Army. A series of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is being developed with different purposes and characteristics.

“The layout of the drone was created using scientific research in order for it to be able to use any type of equipment, including foreign. But we understand that the final version of combat drones should use domestic equipment. We are ready for this, and therefore we have prepared a complete set of avionics for unmanned aircraft,” said Vladimir Mikheev.

This integrated avionics is designed for drones of both aircraft and helicopter types, said Vladimir Mikheev. According to him, a drone is actually “the same as a plane.”

“Everything that is necessary for piloting or flying an airplane or helicopter is present in the drones, only a control loop circuit has replaced the person operating the vehicle,” he said.

It may be recalled that KRET first introduced advanced avionics for unmanned aircraft at the Oboronexpo-2014 International Exhibition of Arms, Technology and Innovation, held at Zhukovsky near Moscow. At the time, KRET presented more than 20 new developments for drones, including a universal board for any type of drone, whether military or civilian, or based on an airplane or helicopter model.

KRET also introduced a unique digital multifunction radar system developed by Phazotron-NIIR that can detect and track air, ground, and sea targets; transmit target designations to other UAV navigation systems; and form surface radar images at a predetermined resolution.

Source: KRET.

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