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The chairman of Committee on Quality Management
Shuvalov Anatoly Ivanovich
Deputy General Director of the Certification Association “Russian Register” – GR Director.

Education, occupation and academic rank

1970  Moscow Institute of radio electronics and upland electro mechanics, Faculty “Automatics and telemechanics”  (Specialization: engineer  electrician).

1993 — Moscow Aviation Institute,  Faculty — Economics (economist – researcher).

Enhanced training:






DGQ  (Germany)


“Commersant” programme

International Business School at MGIMO


National Programs development

Commercial school at University of Saskatchewan (Canada).


Product quality management

Ministry of Industry (Japan)


Personnel international certification for Category ?1 and organizations Quality Management System

ZAG (Germany)


ISO Standards 9000:2000 series. Head auditors training courses

Certification Association “Russian Register”


Auditors training for aerospace industry in accordance with ISO 9100:2009 Standard

Plexus Eurasia
(Saint Petersburg)

Professional experience

1970-1975 — engineer, chief engineer of Moscow S&R Institute of instruments production.

1975-1988 — Chief Engineer, Head specialist, Head of technical department of the 4-th General Directorate, Deputy Head of product quality Directorate of the USSR Ministry of radio industry.

1988-1992 — Deputy General Director, Quality of Scientific –Production Company “Fasotron”.

1992-1996 — Deputy Head of national program and scientific and technical policy Directorate of the State Committeefor industrial policy of Russian Federation.

1996-2007 — Head of Directorate for expertize and certification, Deputy Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

2007-2013 — Deputy General Director of LLC “Russian Register — Moscow Inspection”.

2013 and at present — Deputy General Director of Certification Association “Russian Register”— GR Director.

Head Auditor for ISO 9001in Russian Register system. Certified more than 100 companies for correspondence to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

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