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Aviaavtomatika named after V.Tarasov
Abbreviation: Aviaavtomatika named after V.Tarasov
Form of ownership: Corporation
Address: 47 Zapolnaya str., Kursk, 305040, Russia
Phone: +7 (4712) 57-65-56, 57-69-55
Fax: +7 (4712) 53-58-90
Chief: Director General — Popov Alexander Nikolaevich
Aviation technology:
  • weapons control systems,
  • flight data recording systems,
  • real-time data-analyzing systems,
  • navigation systems,
  • sensors and AC and RC components position indicators.
Nowadays the enterprise is known as the airborne equipment developer/supplier for all Russian-made aircraft and rotorcraft, electric motors for fuel-and-energy companies, oil/gas industry, nuclear power plants.
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