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Abbreviation: Spektr-Avia
Form of ownership: Public corporation
Address: Address: 270 meters northwest of the Ulianovsk-Vostochniy Airport building, Cherdaklinsky district, Ulianovsk region, 433400, Russia.
P.O. Box 4239, Ulyanovsk, 432072, Russia
Phone: +7 (8422) 28-77-60, 28-78-08
Fax: +7(8422) 28-78-64
Chief: Director General — Kartashov Sergey Petrovich
Ulyanovsk specialized painting facility Spektr-Avia is a main paintwork performer of the Tu-204 and An-124 Ruslan, Yak-42, IL-86, IL-96 aircraft families. The company offers to airlines the mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of aircraft (including foreign aircraft) painting, as well as the modification and repair of aircraft passenger cabins.
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