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Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute n.a. S. A. Chaplygin
Abbreviation: SibNIA
Form of ownership: State corporation
Address: 21, Polzunov Street, Novosibirsk, 630051, Russia
Phone: +7 (383) 279-01-56
Fax: +7 (383) 227-88-65, 227-88-77
Chief: General director — Vladimir E. Barsuk
Aircraft Aerodynamics:
  • Researches of aircraft aerodynamic properties, improvement and upgrade of planes.
  • Research of unsteady aerodynamic properties of aircraft and frameworks including high angle of attack properties.
  • Study of the aircraft aerodynamic properties in contingency and emergency situations using modeling of the control failure.
  • Industrial aerodynamics researches.
Static Strength:
  • Full scale airframes static and fatigue tests.
  • Numeric studies of airframe static and fatigue strength, and stability.
  • Design and experimental studies of dynamic and strength of the aircrafts alighting gears and other shock absorption systems.
  • Aircraft aeroelasticity studies.
Flight Test:
  • Aircraft flight testing.
  • Testing of radio and lightning systems.
  • Works in regions of launch-vehicles detachable components falling during the spacecrafts launching.
  • Flight tests of aerophotographic systems.
Scientific and Technical Support:
  • Scientific and technical support of aircraft creation, testing, operation, and repair.
  • Design of aircraft testing aids, airborne equipment testing, and aircraft operation safety inspections.
Certification and Estimation:
  • Aircraft strength (including retained) and endurance valuation.
  • Execution of the ground-based, preflight and flight tests.
  • Discovering features of the aircraft and its systems, as well as pilotage characteristics.
  • Study and analysis of the engineering, design, operating, and other aircraft documentation.
  • Scientific and technical development of aircraft at the draft design stage.
  • Reproduction of design documentation for a full-scale product, an aggregate, or a component.
  • Development of accessories and equipment for aircraft repair, renovation, and production.
  • Ground equipment design.
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