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The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
Abbreviation: TsAGI
Form of ownership: State corporation
Address: 1, Zhukovsky Street, TsAGI, Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, 140180, Russia
Phone: +7(495) 556-31-22
Fax: +7(495) 777-63-32
Chief: Director General — Sergey L. Chernyshev
• Aircraft, helicopters, missiles aerodynamics;
• Aircraft power plant aerodynamics;
• Aircraft flight dynamics and control systems;
• Analysis of aircraft stability and controllability;
• Development of active load reduction systems, improvement of flight safety and pilot information;
• Development of flight test benches for flight dynamics testing; research of takeoff, landing modes and maneuvering for aircraft and rotorcraft;
• Strength of aircraft structures;
• Survivability of structures, products static and thermal strength;
• Guaranteeing of a target life of the designed aircraft and the safe operation of existing ones;
• Aero-elastic response of aircraft, industrial machines and buildings;
• Computer technology in the design and manufacturing of wind tunnel models;
• Designing of experimental units for aircraft and spacecraft technologies ground tests;
• Aerothermodynamics and gas dynamics;
• Hydrodynamics;
• Aero acoustics;
• Research of alternative energy sources for aircraft and rotorcraft;
• Industrial fans;
• Microwave technology;
• Plasma physics;
• Nanotechnology;
• High precision production on working benches and CNC machines.
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