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Beriev Aircraft Company
Abbreviation: Beriev Aircraft Company
Form of ownership: Public corporation
Address: 1, Aviatorov Square, Taganrog, Rostov region, 347923, Russia
Phone: +7(8634) 39-09-01
Fax: +7(8634) 64-74-34
Chief: Director General/Chief Designer — Grudinin Yuriy Vladimirovich
  • Design of hydroplanes and amphibian aircraft;
  • Prototype aircraft manufacturing, testing and transfer into serial production;
  • Design of various purpose flying vehicles, among them — integration of AEW systems, including AEW aircraft final assembly, testing, and shipment to the customer;
  • Repair, upgrade and modifications of existing aircraft;
  • Training of flight and technical personnel;
  • Manufacturing and repair of the airlift delivery equipment;
  • Providing scientific and technical assistance during aircraft operation and post-sales support at customer's facilities.
Current projects:
  • Be-200 multirole civil amphibious aircraft;
  • A-42PE patrol search and rescue amphibious aircraft;
  • Be-103 light amphibious aircraft;
  • Long-range radio detection aircraft;
  • Super-heavy hydroplanes with take-off mass up to 2500 tons.
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